Saturday, August 28, 2010


Recently alot of things happened around me. Seriously, life's too short, enjoy while you can. I can't believe that my cousin just left like that, it was just so not fair. But what can we do? Nothing. Yes, its nothing we could do to bring her back. I've just realize that what you always been preventing by not getting a decease is useless. Its fate, people have been smoking for decades were still living healthy. But some people never smokes, never drinks & having a healthy eating lifestyle got a heart attack on her mid ages. I felt so unfair & sympathy to her kids that they have lost their mum. And to me, the time we've pass togehter will always be in my mind forever & ever. We will never forget you..

Remember, Life is too short, Enjoy While You Can..

Lucas Ch'ng

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bizarre Effects On Teens

Yesterday, I read the STAR newspaper and saw this article. I taught I could share this here because some people don't read newspapers so they don't know what's going on. I've summarized it. Its important for you all to read it.

Boys develop breasts, girls grow bodily hair due to hormonal imbalance.

Did you guys realize nowadays that male grow breasts, while female teenagers are getting more hairy? This is sort of a sickness called gynecomastia for the male. Compared to the past, there are many girls with terrible hair problem. They are loosing the hair on their head and grows on somewhere it shouldn't be and the hair is long and thick.

This is caused by the food chain and diet they took. Children are eating too much animal-based food and those animal fed with a lot of growth hormones. Nowadays, people mostly have meat for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Bad oestrogens was also entering our body from plastic materials such as fizzy bottled drinks which "bleed" bad oestrogens. Those plastic containers we use to warm our food, the polystyrene boxes in which we pack our food, the plastic bags we pour the curry into, the roti canai we warp in plastic bag. All of those bleeds bad oestrogen substances and it contains alot of pesticidles, insecticidels. This will manifest in different ways for those of different ages.

Due to Xenostrogen instead of producing testosterone, the bodies of teenage boys are converting into a harmful 16 hydroxyoestrone. Which resulting, lost of hair and the development acne, abdominal fat, and abnormally sized breasts.

I don't mean to copy and make it my article. Just sharing =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Updates of myself.

Recently, I have stop DotA. I don't feel like playing it anymore, but I didn't say I have quit it. Start catching up my studies, spent some time watching movies streaming. Totally have to reschedule my timetables. Thinking of changing whole lot of things in me. It comes slowly, but I will.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Weekend.

Two of my school friends come back from Ipoh & Singapore. Its been long time since the last time we hangout in school. They bring me go shisha near Queens (How embarrassing, Not I'm bringing them, but instead they bring me.)

Sorry for the low night mode quallity*

After that, it was already 1 am in the morning. Everyone of us were starving, so we decided to go town searching Chinese food like a hungry ghost. I decided to bring them to the "Greenhouse" Hokien Mee. After that, we were planning to go for a gentle ride around the city of Penang. Unfortunately, my front brake pad finish. We've got no choice but to go home.


Wow, I can't imagine that I've passed 13 days without the Internet, I felt like almost dying without it. Everyday I came back from college & knowing my Internet was still down, it was frust. Anger within me makes me wanted to bomb the whole company. I know it was normal that a phone or internet line brokedown, but I wasn't angry about that. First, we have already filed a few reports about it. Not 1 or 2, its more than 5 times.

The phone & internet line brokedown on last Tuesday, 3rd August 2010. We filed a complain each day because everyone knows how they work. You never rush, they never came. Okay, when its Friday, we know they don't work at Saturday. We rush them again, no respond. Saturday my auntie called them, they say you have to wait for 24 hours for the brokedown only you can filed the report. !@#$% It was totally crap, we filed bunch of report since Tuesday, my aunt told them.

On Sunday, the contractor told us that they are coming tomorrow (Monday). What else? We getting excited about it, cause I've waiting for the Internet & my grandma was waiting for the phone line. Guess what? They never came, not even a call. We think they really have a lot of things to do, so we waited for the next day. And again, they never came.

F**k it man, what are they doing? We pay the service charge, using their phone line & with streamyx collaboration, we don't expect a stupid f**king service. At night they called my brother to inform him that they were coming on the next day, Wednesday. What do you expect after the all this? I don't bother about it, sure was a total crap.. And it really is.. My grandfather from Jalan Tengah walk till Bayan Baru to call them to fix our line, they say they are on the way.. F**k crap Bulls**t. It was all a lie..

Till today, everything was okay.. F**k the service, but I'm glad that I can use the internet now. =)