Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today its end of my 1st level of my course. I'm quite happy for what I've archive in my final exam. All went the other side when I got back home.

I Get blaming for what I didn't do and flashing back the stories in my past. I'm so fed up with these peoples who never know the truth and trying to judge me. I can't argue with them because they already pointed the finger on me. I feel like total strangers, I think I'd really don't know them well I guess. Just because this unrevealed truth & I got the blame. I'm speechless, I feel like dying, but its not worth it to die for them.

I swore if this happens again, I'm done with it. I'll be moving out. Threaten to cut my monthly income? Fine, I can get my own job. Fuck off!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The New Nissan Teana In College

Nissan Teana were released on the year 2008. It is classified as the D-platform/D-segment saloon. It started to go in the market on the year 2008 in Japan, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and now its on Malaysia.

Its been spotted in KL on last July with some light covering.

Today, I got the chance to sneekpeak the new Teana hitting the Nissan showroom today in Penang.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


There were alot of things happened each day. There are good ones and the bad ones. I'd really don't know which to share about.

Recently, I felt I failed my life but it was just a fucking joke, I don't even reach a quarter journey of my life. There was no sign or lead to show me which way to go. It was like there's a junction but there was no sign where to go. I'm on a dead end. All I can do is just staring at those roads and do nothing because I don't know whats ahead.

Once you enter one of the way there's no return. I can't say that there's no sign at all, but it was not the right choice. The world spins every second, people around you moved on. When will decide & I move on?

Someone says that the world is big, but you are just living in your own world. Try getting out of the box and see what is call world. I don't think I'm EMO-ing. I'd just try to think far & compare. I know we should not compare all the things with other people. Sometimes, some things can be comparable.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Car Town.

Recently I'm addicted to a Facebook car game. Its called Car Town. Its a perfect game for a car enthusiast. You guys should try it, even girls do. It's quite fun but the game took the Ram space alot. So make sure you got alot of Ram to spent on this game. When your workshop grow bigger, your game start to lag. =)

Here is some picture of mine.

Link to the website.!/CarTown?v=wall


Its been long time I'd didn't update my blog. Tonight I can't sleep cause I'd promise myself to update my blog. There's so many things in my mind to share about. But I'm rushing to sleep cause I got class tomorrow. How sad =/

Again, I've seen and learn alot of things when I'm away from the blog. But there is something that reminds me to share to everyone. Why some people is so ridiculously retarded that didn't appreciate the people around them? When you know somebody will not be with you any longer. Would you just ignoring them? No, I wouldn't. I don't know what he's thinking. People around him were advising him, asking him to wake up from his own dreamland. But sadly, he is so stubborn like my grandma, even worst.

Dear readers, appreciate the people around you. It doesn't matter what they did to you before that. If you don't do so, once they left.
Whatever you say, they can't hear you.
Your tear drops are useless and full of regrets.

Lucas Ch'ng. 12.25am, 7 September 2010.