Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Is it really hard to change our personality? Why some people can but some people can't?
All of us were trying to become better, trying something new & to become the best. When there is a obstruction, what will you do? Everything we've did they are trying to destroy it. Its like we were trapped in a cave, suddenly we saw a light and its our only hope. But then, they came and threw a bomb to the hole and it explode. The explosion caused everything to collapse and the light was gone.

They don't realize that people are watching them, disliking them & hating them. Every single thing they do, we'll always be watching. When the time comes, its time we will be doing the things that we've should. We're now just waiting for it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last night we to club to celebrate our friends birthday. The club was packed, like always. Luckily, the table we've got were not so jammed pack. There were some good moments & bad, but at the end we've enjoyed till the morning.

Lucas Ch'ng.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


College were fun today, we were competing time for a practical task. Someone set the bar high with 6 minutes. Everyone was on pressure including me. When its my turn, I totally kill it with 4 minutes. & somebody acts clever & ended up screwing himself up & ended in 8 minute. Everyone laughs their ass out. What a shame. I'm not boasting, just sharing.

Now I can't sleep, thinking of the exam tomorrow. Its always took my attention when the exams comes closer. When everytime an exam comes closer, its always the time I get busy & starts burning the midnight oil. This time is different, this time I manage to get ready earlier & without a pressure. But why I still can't sleep? Is it I'm worrying about the exams or I just wanna update my blog? I guess its clearly that I wanted to update my blog, thats why you can see this post. Will continue soon..


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You should do more research before you come to me & lecture about how things work. Don't act like you're very good & don't think everyone is stupid like your friends. Talking about false resources & convincing people to trust you. I know what I'm doing & I always do. Don't try to teach me your way of doing things. Keep your stupidity in yourself. Don't just speak out before you scan it thru your brains. When people try to correct you, you'd just ignore them & make your stupid face reactions. How clever.

People only talk when they know something about it. If you know nothing, talk in silence or just talk to the wall. - Lucas Ch'ng

Monday, July 19, 2010

Get A Life.

I tried to fit in a new environment. What I did is to understand them, getting know them. But everytime I tries, I kept seeing their true colours more and more. Is it I can't accept their personality? Or the world just goes around with it? I can't accept the person who is selfish & stuck up, getting all the credit by himself. Although he's not the one who did everything, FHL!. Most people I saw was they got no life & pretend like they got one. Oh, for God's sake.. get a life, will you?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Regretting the past.

Have you regretting your past times? I'm sure everyone does, There is always something that we regret in the past times. No matter who you are, you will still make a mistake. What if there is a possible chance for you to go back and fix it, will you? To me, past is a past. I would never gonna change it, because that is the one who shape our personality right now. Our surroundings, family, friends & everything. Before I end this, past is something that we did. Don't felt regret about it, but future is something we cant see. So,

Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed. - Wayne Dyer

You need to remind yourself about the past is that no matter what has happened, it is the one who bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to kick start everything new. Right here, Right now. - Lucas Chng

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sense Of Relief.

I'm sure that you are the one who wants to be the best student in your college. Knowing that you are not one of them really disappoints you. Somehow, it makes some people to be more motivated to archive that. My Sir tolds me that, when your name keeps mention by others were not actually a good thing. In my college, we are the best class of all. Best? Actually, not all of them were good. Its just a tiny little of us who are good in it. Some of them were just happy to go lucky, & some of them just really got no interest in it. There were few students name were mention by the officers. At the first, we thought they were really good because their name keeps pops out in the Internal meeting[Officers & Teachers meeting]. But recently we get to know what is really happening. Their name keeps pops out because they have problem like coming late to class, making alot of noises, & all these negative problems. We can't believe it but its true. I have the sense of relief not because of they can't be the best, but knowing that I am one of the best really reliefs me.

Sometimes when you try hard, the things won't turn out the way you want it to be. But sometimes it does - Lucas Ch'ng

Monday, July 12, 2010


People likes to live in their own fantasy. Why fantasy is like a big hole sucking everyone into it? Why am I effected by this? Last time, I think of changing my life in a day. The truth it, we can't. We can't change everything in a day & the things around you in just a click of a button. Everything comes slowly & it takes time. Its the fate who brought us here, living a life in this planet. The future is not written on the papers, we are the one who will create the future & history. Everything is in our hands, fantasy is a lie to yourself so live with what you have & try to make beyond better.

Lucas Ch'ng.

Friday, July 9, 2010

What are they thinking?

I don't know how some people thinks till they can do such a childish things. Can't they just express to the person how they felt? They are using these hard earn things & using it as a tension releaser. If a person do such a thing to you, you should have go to the person & express how you feel. Sit down & talk, not by showing how you feel by wasting this hard earn things. At the end, you told me how much it cost & it felt that all of them were wasted.

Such a waste.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


As the world spins & my life goes on & on, I started to see the real world. What I mean is their true person. Once they were infront of you, they acted good & kind. The next second they were behind you gossiping with others. Is this called friend? I don't know what I should 'label' it. Nowdays, almost everyone turns into that, only true friends don't. Should we be one of them?

Actually, this doesn't mean the little gossipers, just some of them who gossips & makes bad reputation to us. That's the kind I'm saying. They were like envying what we have & trying to take it away from us. Some of them came to make friends, but do they really wanna make friends? Or just getting the benefit from us?

What were they thinking? What is in their mind? I'd think there will be no answers for that.

Fake relationships and fake people coming up to me and all of a sudden wanting to be my friend. - Jason Ritter

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yesterday & Today.

Last night was my cousin brother's wedding dinner, both of them looks damn good. The groom's suit, lovin it. Sure he knows how to choose. The dinner were in Redrock hotel & one thing that took my attention was the Smoking room. Of course I'm not one of them going in there smoking. My relatives were there, so I can't smoke in there. I have to sneak out & smoke outside the hotel. I know what you wanna say, Coward. Go on, I'd just respect my relatives to not smoke infront of them =).

After the dinner, my family went home without me. LOL. I told them to because my friends were coming to get me, we went for our monthly routines. We went Mois to check it out the DJ from KL. Obviously, he's songs doesn't suit me. No offense, the DJ called Rubbish AKA Lapsap. It was a tiring day, so I already plan to skip my early morning schedule that was my secondary school Curricular Day. Sorry guys, I can't be there to support you all. Anyway, congratulation to all of you for getting 2nd place.

Today, I overslept & my mum wakes me up for the "Tea Drinking Ceremony". We went to my grandmother's house at Air Itam. On the ceremony we went to the Groom's house & my Aunts house. After that we went home.

After all of these happen, I'd really wish on the future that I will work very hard to own my own house. Impossible is nothing =)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I hates the people that likes to drag something so they could have more time to do it. Actually they already had enough time to do it, but why they are still draggin it? Last month, me & my friend did some assignments. We promised the Sir that we will give it on Saturday. Wait, did I say We? No no, I who promised the Sir, they was playing somewhere else. Our sir says, the faster the better & I can help you all to find your mistakes so that you guys could correct it.

Okay, so I went to tell'em to pass up on Saturday. Guess what they say? They say Okay. When its on Saturday morning, they didn't bring their assignments? Are you fucking kidding me? They told me these things don't have to be so rush. The faster you rush, the more mistakes you make. That's bullshit!. On that time I've already finish the assignments, so I showed them. They were speechless, they say they will bring it on Monday. When its Monday, they brought it, but its incomplete about 50%. Whats the use to bring it?

I told them, you don't finish by today, than that's your problem, I'm gonna give it by today. When our Sir get to know that, our Sir ask me to wait for them. Another bullshit, At the end, We passed up on Wednesday because its on the deadline.

Mine 100%, Friend 1 70% Friend 2 40%


Okay, I've just done designing my blog. Actually I doesn't take so long, just I have some stuff to do. That's why it look kinda like I design it for hours. I'm quite satisfied with the designs although I used the new Template Designer in the design column. You guys should try it, its really easy to use & it looks good.

Okay, Its time to go to bed. Its 1.39am, gosh!. It's still so early, but I can't take it anymore. I'll continue writing on tomorrow, this blog thing is kinda like a diary. Lovin it.

Warm Welcome Back.

Boredom got me back to bloggin again. I'd don't know what to do on my semester holidays. Its getting boring & boring day by day. That's why I'm back blogging again.
For now, I don't think I'll stop blogging after my semester starts, because I'm on college!! LOL, big deal for me. There will be so much of gossips, feelings, & news to share. That's all for now, going to do some make ups on my blog.