Thursday, September 16, 2010


There were alot of things happened each day. There are good ones and the bad ones. I'd really don't know which to share about.

Recently, I felt I failed my life but it was just a fucking joke, I don't even reach a quarter journey of my life. There was no sign or lead to show me which way to go. It was like there's a junction but there was no sign where to go. I'm on a dead end. All I can do is just staring at those roads and do nothing because I don't know whats ahead.

Once you enter one of the way there's no return. I can't say that there's no sign at all, but it was not the right choice. The world spins every second, people around you moved on. When will decide & I move on?

Someone says that the world is big, but you are just living in your own world. Try getting out of the box and see what is call world. I don't think I'm EMO-ing. I'd just try to think far & compare. I know we should not compare all the things with other people. Sometimes, some things can be comparable.

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