Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today its end of my 1st level of my course. I'm quite happy for what I've archive in my final exam. All went the other side when I got back home.

I Get blaming for what I didn't do and flashing back the stories in my past. I'm so fed up with these peoples who never know the truth and trying to judge me. I can't argue with them because they already pointed the finger on me. I feel like total strangers, I think I'd really don't know them well I guess. Just because this unrevealed truth & I got the blame. I'm speechless, I feel like dying, but its not worth it to die for them.

I swore if this happens again, I'm done with it. I'll be moving out. Threaten to cut my monthly income? Fine, I can get my own job. Fuck off!

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